Darling Tamouz



My 5 y.o niece Tyra together with Umme!



Umme’s comeback

After his remarkable recovery, Umme did his comeback in the show ring this weekend. On Sunday, exactly 4 months after being hit by a train, he was placed as 4 in the champion class under judge Kenneth Ed (Sw) at the Kennel Club Show in Vännäs with 37 saluki entries. I am quite content with that although he didn’t get any placement in competition of best dog.

In Finland Rudan Rouhani was best bitch-4 with res-cc at the international Kennel Club show in Kotka under judge Unto Timonen! Congratulations Sanna!


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ritu roosa rita 3 copy

Rudan Rouhani

roosa jajussi 4 copy

roosa 2 copy

roosa 5 copy

Rudan Rifkat

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Long time no see…

Umme’s puppies did really well at the Saluki Speciality Show in Finland last weekend!

– Buthayna al-Quadar was best puppy bitch 5-7 months!

– Rudan Rouhani was best junior bitch-2 and Rudan Rifkat -4! Rudan Rababa was awarded ”Very good” in the same class.

– Lovely Rudan Redwan (pictured) was awarded ”Very good” in the junior class.




5 weeks later

This is Umme five weeks after being hit by a train. You can hardly believe it!

Umme has made an amazing recovery, he was walking on three legs only 4 days after the accident an started using the injured leg after less than a week. Umme was in terrible pain during the first 48 hours after the accident and I was ready to let him go but only a day later he had turned around and we could see how he was determined to survive.

You can see how he is not putting his foot on the floor, putting all his weight on the other leg, but when he is walking you can hardly tell that he is limping. The leg isn’t hurting but it is of course weak, you can easily see how much muscles he has lost. The scar on his thigh is almost the only visible memory of the accident and he is a bit frighten of larger vehicles that comes in full speed, he hides behind mummy when we’re about to cross a street and a bus runs by…

And last but not least – since the train accident our family has grown bigger – our baby son Ivan was born on March 3rd!


A horrible accident

Umme had a horrible accident last Saturday when he was hit by a train. With a fractured hind leg and massive muscular damages he is now recovering at home. He is quite all right due to the circumstances. He has a strong will, a strong body and a strong head that hopefully will take him and us through this tough time. Let’s hope and pray that everything goes well. Thank you to all our friends who are supporting us! Love from Petra, Umme and famliy.



Happiness: Being a smooth saluki puppy and having a borzoi friend! Bakriyya al-Quadar in her new home.